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We work with clients who believe research strengthens decision-making. Our client list is local and global, including emerging challengers and market leaders.

Our business is heavily concentrated in financial services, healthcare and technology ... yet we have conducted B2C and B2B research in almost any other subject area you can imagine.


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Head Research has been an invaluable research partner to TD Ameritrade since 2011. As an extension of our Communications & Public Affairs team, Head works closely with us in developing media-worthy research stories, devising studies that break through the cluttered financial services media landscape and delivers research in a succinct, highly visual format that is easy for reporters to instantly grasp and run with.

The earned media associated with studies conducted by Head Research has been way beyond our expectations.

Christina Goethe: TD Ameritrade
Manager, Communications & Public Affairs
Head Research was a close and highly valued research partner across a variety of needs, both qualitative and quantitative. They had the ability to communicate findings and recommendations in a clear and concise story which allowed the business to quickly move ahead. We could count on Head to handle both tactical and strategic assignments, building innovation into the process whenever appropriate.

Head Research is an ideal partner, with a team of highly consummate, strategic thinkers who go above and beyond in their quest to ensure that market research results in positive business outcomes.
Debbie Davis: BMO Financial Group
Director, Market Research
I have had the privilege of working with Melinda and the Head Research team now for over 10 years.

Head Research has been highly effective in grasping its mandates and delivering results. Head Research can think outside of the box yet, remain extremely rigorous and focused. The Head team are definitely innovators in their field and their passion is contagious.

Viviane Lemire: Valeant Pharmaceuticals
Senior Marketing Manager

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Head Research

This is where we sit, we own our own tools, we control quality and speed.

Small Firms

Limited capacity, do not own tools, cannot control quality and timeliness due to dependency upon external resources.

Large Firms

Not interested in business valued at less than 7 figures, slow-moving, inflexible.

Difference-Making Research


Optimize Acquisition Strategy

A fighter brand telecommunications provider had more quantitative data than you could shake a stick at. Yet, it was having trouble figuring out how to up the ante on its next communications campaign designed to attract value-driven new subscribers. What did our research discover? Their mascot was a keeper. No one liked their 30 second TV spots, better to go with 15 seconds for young clients suffering from attention deficit disorder. Messages needed to focus on price and deals, not just the brand's personality. Can't get much simpler than that.

Sparking a Conversation

A large wealth management company wanted to generate earned media in space in which everything has already been said. A casual conversation with a friend about being divorced at age 50 led us down the path of a study about financial disrupters that shattered all previous earned media records for the Company. Quantifying the carnage at $2.5 trillion in lost long-term and retirement savings drove strong media interest.

Shaping the Vision

The manufacturer of the most widely used biologic in North America was cognizant of the potential financial burden of biologics on third party payers. We established a steering committee comprised of key employers, health benefits consultants and third party payers, then undertook primary research to understand current perceptions of biologics, as well as experiences with management and reimbursement strategies to contain costs. Insights were used to create a Bio-Insight white paper that shed light on how biologics are perceived by stakeholders and plan sponsors, how biologics are currently being covered and examining future cost containment strategies.

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